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White Marine Salt
(by ship)

We can arrange for a shipment of bulk salt to be delivered to the port of your choice, subject to suitable berthing facilities.

White Marine Salt
(by bulk tipper)

We offer a nationwide bulk de-icing salt delivery service using our own fleet of 20 tonne rigid and 29 tonne artic vehicles.

White Marine Salt
(by bulk bags)

We can offer you the convenience of having the salt delivered in bulk bags, which helps cut down on wastage and are more economical than small bags.

White Marine Salt

Natural Marine Salt with no impurities, a cleaner more sustainable option than mined rock salt.
Available in 10kg and 25kg packs.


Rapid Ice Melt

Natural Marine Salt blended with our own grip aid additive to add further traction in arctic conditions where all types of salt will freeze over. Perfect for areas where the general public walk, paths, steps, car parks and driveways.

Available in 10kg bags.


Ice Melt Zero

Non chloride formulation, completely non corrosive, for areas where sodium chloride cannot be used.

Available in 10kg and other sizes on request.


Associated Companies

We provide a wide range of affordable de-icing salt products to local authorities, businesses and domestic customers.

We import and distribute a range of aggregate products within the South East of England.

We supply a range of winter equipment; spreaders, shovels, scoops, scrapers and
grit bins.

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